After finding something he’d been looking for in an untidy room, Small Colin left Scotland and went to Jönkoping (that’s in Sweden) to make music for people to listen to before, after and during designing furniture. This is however not the only reason, it is also intended to impress his girlfriend and her friends. From his studio thru the medium of music Small Colin has already taken someone out of a coma, prevented 27 suicides, caused 3, mended 16789674 brokenhearts, and persuaded one of gods angels out of having an abortion. He now lives on James Bond Island and has heirs to his throne in the form of a small volcano & a book about mythology.


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August 30th 2016

Short vid showing a live recorded radio show feat. one of my new one ones…


June 4th 2016

Its Friday. Let's celebrate with some new music…


March 19th 2016

Thats the new album sent off to the record label…

Feb 10th 2016

Sound 29 remix of Mutations used on the catwalk:-


Jan 3rd 2016

Someone has used Mutations in a mashup with the track "He is We - All About Us" Nice!


and someone having a shave…